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Work Package 7: Implementation Roadmap

The EC-funded European Interoperable Fare Management (EU-IFM) Project is designed to make access to public transport networks more user-friendly by facilitating their accessibility through smartcards. By 2015 compatibility in smart ticketing systems will ease access to all the users of public transport. The objective of the IFM Project is to provide travellers with shared types of contact-less media throughout Europe. Whether a smartcard, and NFC-enabled mobile phone, or a USB-dongle, it can be used for multiple transport products (“tickets”) in different geographic areas and for sustainable modal switching, such as the use of “Park and Ride”. Today, most media are restricted for use in specific networks. Payment will no longer be a barrier to travel.

The IFM Implementation Road Map:

Track 1- PRIORITY LANE for Quick Wins

Establish funding of an EU-IFM Alliance aiming to short term objectives
Create Interoperability for customers through common multi-application processes on a single media in the customer’s possession
Create a Common Portal for customers to remotely load local applications together with the development of an “IFM Brand” to provide assurance and focus
Update and harmonise current CEN Standards to support EU-IFM
Create a Pilot operation in a number of Member States in preparation for wider roll-out
Track 2- LONG HAUL towards Long Term Vision

Establish funding of the EU-IFM Alliance aiming to its long term objectives
Develop a Common EU-IFM Application and Common Product Templates supporting an extension of the “IFM Brand”
Develop a commercial and technical framework for the sales and settlement of EU-IFM Products
Extend functionalities to facilitate inter-modality between road and rail, and support for Demand Management for all transport modes (urban, suburban, regional and inter-urban)
Engage and merge with existing IFM Systems and other ITS transport modes (including private): e.g. road tolling, bicycle hire, parking, air, ferry
Extend to non-transport applications and market external to EU